Great News! Ric has won the 2014 A.S.C.A.P. Jay Gorney Memorial Award....

"In the spirit of Jay's song, "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?"
which he wrote with lyricist E.Y. "Yip" Harburg (Wizard Of Oz),
this award is presented for an original song
based on its message of social conscience/social significance
as well as overall craft, artistry and compositional elements."
A thousand dollar prize, and free flight, room, and board to New York to accept the award......NICE!!!!


Praise for Ric Taylor:

"Have you heard Ric's music? Well, it's incredible; he's going to be a very important writer someday."

Arthur Hamilton
Composer of "Cry Me A River"
Member, Board of Directors of the Academy Awards
Member, Board of Directors of the Grammies
Member, Board of Directors of ASCAP


Here are some more reviews from people who have paid me to play their clubs (an INCREDIBLE rarity anywhere in the entire L.A. Basin)

"If you want to hear simple little love songs, then don't go anywhere near RIC TAYLOR. Nothing wrong with a simple little love song, mind you, it's just that if you want to hear that, Ric isn't your guy. If you want to hear a songwriter who plays with words like Rubic played with his cube, then Ric is your guy. If you want to hear some of the most powerful songs you have ever heard, with a unique and unforgettable voice presenting them in such a way that you will... well, never forget them, then Ric is your guy. These are not merely "my baby left me" songs -- oh no. They may be a commentary on one of most significant events in history ( "911" ) or maybe he will take on an entire city ( "Welcome to L.A." ). His newest song ( "Victory" ) is nothing short of brilliant. Ric writes songs like Salvadore Dali paints pictures. If he doesn't have the proper word to express exactly what he wants to say in a certain phrase, not a problem -- he'll invent one; he is a songwriter's songwriter. He is three exits past quirky and it is just a pleasure to spend an evening taking a musical journey with him as he weaves and winds his way through the hairpin turns of his songs. I am off the chart happy whenever I get to work with him or book him -- he never disappoints."

Bruce A. Teitell
Grand Vista Hotel
Los Angeles


"Ric Taylor is, by far, one of the most prolific songwriters that I've ever had the honor of hearing. As the host of a popular weekly worldwide internet music show, I have seen thousands of musicians and can easily say that Ric is one of my personal favorites. He is the consummate pro who has a song in his pocket for every occasion. His vocals are clear, strong, and dynamic, with a warm timbre that melts the soul and no matter the difficulty of guitar instrumentation, Ric never misses a note. He's quite a storyteller and paints a vision that keeps the listener enchanted throughout the entire song. His lyrics are intelligent and well thought out in both meter and rhyme. Not only does Ric have the gift of music within him, he is also very supportive of other artists as well as his own success. As soon as he begins to play, anyone listening can tell that a guitar belongs in hands of Ric Taylor."

Kiki Wow
Music Host and Booker
Kulak's Woodshed (club and internet show)
Los Angeles

"You're in Los Angeles now, where talent pours from the sky.   Even through the deluge of "A" players, one solitary, four season beauty can't be missed.

If there's something specific you're looking for in an artist...Look to Ric Taylor. His musically solid framework creates melodies, moods and grooves that engage mind and spirit. A balanced set ranging from the frighteningly honest song "Welcome To L.A." mixed with lighthearted and fun pieces such as "Show and Tell" and "Bad 'Beel"  all the way to the inspirational "911". And with all, his vocal characters illustrate completely the stories told by his lyrics. In short, Ric proves himself to be a master craftsman.

We thank him for his efforts in inspiration."

Elizabeth Dawn MacDougall
Owner and Booking Agent
Harmony Sweet
Los Angeles, California


"Ric Taylor has been touring the country for years as both a musician and whitewater paddling instructor. He's won numerous national songwriting contests (such as ASCAP and the Songwriters Resource Service); he was also the winner of the Telluride Film Festival student competition. And along the way, he also did a stint as a staff writer for Screen Gems-E.M.I. publishing company. His latest CD is called "Demo-Listen Derby". Ric is a first-rate writer, a real "weaver of tales". His songs are thoughtful and intelligent. He wrote a song about the 9-11 incident, for example, that just "nailed it" so perfectly, I was completely knocked out. He sings well, plays well. The only thing I don't trust about this guy is that he's left-handed! (which means I can't borrow his guitar!)."

Garrett Swayne

©2009 Ric Taylor